Wedding of your Dreams

Podcasts To Listen To If You’re Newly Engaged – Wedding of your Dreams

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the wonderful world of wedding planning! Here at weddingsonline we are obsessed with weddings and LOVE talking with newly engaged couples about their plans. If you’re just getting started and you love listening to podcasts, then this is for you! We’re listing podcast episodes geared at helping you […]

Technology Subset

Announcing the launch of the All In for Maintainers DEI Resource Hub – Technology Subset

In 2021, we launched All In to provide the open source community with an opportunity to work together to create a powerful movement for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). From supporting over 300 students through our All in for Students program, to capturing 7,000+ voices in the 2021 Open Source DEI Survey and hosting 300 […]

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Open source’s impact on the world’s 100 million developers – Technology Subset

The open source movement quietly underpins all of the technology we use to live and work. Open source is about more than just technology or a license—it’s about creating a culture of participation and collaboration, where anyone can contribute to making the world a better place. Open source software existed long before GitHub. But today, […]

Technology Subset

January 2023 – Technology Subset

In January, we experienced two incidents. One that resulted in degraded performance for GitHub Packages and GitHub Pages, and another that impacted git users. January 30 21:48 UTC (lasting 35 minutes) Our service monitors detected degraded performance for GitHub Packages and GitHub Pages. Most requests to the container registry were failing and some GitHub Pages […]

Technology Subset

How GitHub is advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within open source communities – Technology Subset

At GitHub, our goal is to build a platform and galvanize an open source community that everyone can be a part of and make meaningful contributions. The future of software development is collaborative and equitable, made up of amazing people from diverse backgrounds and experiences who work together to advance society through open source technology. […]