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Seven Things To Think About Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue – Wedding of your Dreams

Every decision you make during your wedding planning journey will have an impact on the overall look, feel and vibe of the day. Probably the biggest decision will be the venue you choose. The space has the ability to set the tone for the day, so it’s a big deal you get your decision right! 

Before you rush ahead and make this huge decision we have seven things you need to consider… 

1. Are they available on your preferred date? 

Like all popular wedding suppliers, these will book up fast and you need enough time ahead in the tank to pin down your preferred date. Most venues will book up 18 months in advance so the quicker you get started the more likely you are to land on the exact date you are dreaming of. 

2. Is the venue close enough to make the logistics work? 

You don’t want your guests spending half of their day travelling, so choose your perfect venue within a realistic distance. 

3. Does the venues style match your styling preferences? 

The space you choose will have a huge impact on your styling choices, because of course you want everything to look seamless and beautiful. Is the overall style and feel of your preferred venue in unison with what you envisage? To make life easier (and probably cheaper decor wise!) for you, go with the venue that works with your vision. 

4. Can the venue accommodate your guest numbers? 

Capacity can make or break your venue choice! If your guests cannot be comfortably seated, it’s time to move on and find a venue that fits, literally. If you’re opting for both ceremony and reception space ensure that both areas can hold your guest numbers. 

5. Will your budget work to the venues pricing? 

If you’re keeping up with your budget (and you really should be!) you’ll know early on if the venue you hope to book works within your price range. Whilst there is no scientific equation your venue budget should include decor, food and space rental. 

6. Does the venue offer packages? 

Most venues will offer competitive packages, making your planning that little easier. Full service including food and decor options to rental of a space only, take time to think about the packages they offer and if they will work for you. 

7. Do you love the venue enough to make compromises? 

You will know in your gut if the venue you dream off is the venue you choose. If thinking about it gives you butterflies, you’ll know it’s the perfect place to host your wedding day. Don’t settle for anything less! If that means making compromises elsewhere, go with it and make it work. 

(Main image: The Brehon Hotel and Spa, Killarney)

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