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Gothic Wedding Inspiration – Wedding of your Dreams

If a classic wedding with a white dress just isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to consider something a little darker and moodier. This gothic wedding inspiration – along with fabulous tips – will help you put together a wedding that’s uniquely you!

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Colours and decor ideas

Don’t be fooled – a gothic wedding doesn’t necessarily have to be angry (unless that’s what you’re after). It’s more about finding something beautiful in darkness.

Colours that are perfect for a gothic wedding:

Shades of red, deep berry, jewel tones, and of course, black.

Add layers of decor to elevate the space and create a dark fairytale. Things like velvety fabrics, peacock feathers, skulls, fruits, antiques and steampunk pieces.

Always recommended: dramatic candelabras with melted candles.



Flowers smell gorgeous and also add so much to any wedding theme! A gothic wedding is no different.

We recommend: roses, dark calla lilies and proteas!

Try something a little different and more dramatic by opting for a cascading bouquet instead of round.



Now this is where your gothic wedding theme can really shine. Walk down the aisle to music that’s romantic and haunting. Something instrumental played on the piano or cello would be perfect!



Ireland is home to jaw-dropping castles with hidden spaces, dusty corners and mystical ruins.

Find your gothic wedding venue here!


Fashion and beauty

Now’s your chance to ditch the classic white wedding dress in favour of something a little darker. You could go full black or even red!

The fabric and silhouette you choose is important too – think velvet, silk and lace, with a corset.

Pull your bridal look together with a flower crown or headpiece, dark nails and smoky makeup.


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