Wedding of your Dreams

Five Things To Keep As A Surprise – Wedding of your Dreams

During your wedding planning you will have lots and lots, and maybe a little few more, choices to make. From the venue to colours and entertainment to food, the list of decisions to be made might feel endless at times! You will come across times when you want to share the details of your day with friends and family, but try your best to stay quiet. The aim is to keep your day as much of a secret as possible to give your guests the best day ever! We know they’ll definitely be excited to see all the plans you have put in place. 

Today we’ve got five elements of your day that you really shouldn’t share with anyone… 

(Main image: Susan Jefferies Photography)

1. Your wedding outfits

All eyes will be on you when you walk up the aisle, and why not! The anticipation of what you will be wearing is one of the best parts of a wedding. You want to hear ‘wow’ during your walk up the aisle, so keep your dress choice a secret and surprise your guests, and that special person at the top of the aisle. 

2. Your chosen colour palette 

Don’t let your colour palette slip to anyone. If you want to be really clever, keep your stationery monochrome to throw your guests of any scent! 

3. Your music choices 

Music will play a huge part in your wedding day, it help sets the atmosphere after all. Keep your music choices to yourself, hearing the brides entrance song is a magical moment, as is your first dance. Let you guests feel the moment by discovering your choices for the very first time. 

4. Your entertainment 

The entertainment you choose will be one of the most memorable parts of your day. From magicians to caricatures, fireworks to a dance troupe, these will add so much enjoyment to the day and wow your guests. 

5. Your guest list 

This might sound like an odd one, but experience tells us that you will be asked by guests who is coming to your day. You really don’t have to tell anyone who will or won’t be there, the guest list is your business! We bet old friends will rekindle their friendship which is a lovely part of being a wedding guest. 

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