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A Guided Meditation For Wedding Stress [Episode 63] – Wedding of your Dreams

If you are planning your wedding and you’re feeling stressed, then today’s episode is just for you. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your wedding planning journey, wedding planning stress is real. Listen to this guided meditation for wedding stress: we’ll go through some visualisations, wedding-specific affirmations and the 3-4-5 breathing technique. You’ve got this! 

Part of today’s episode will include a little bit of breathing, some affirmations and a guided meditation of sorts. I’m not an expert in calming down, but I do believe that every couple has the tools and skills needed to plan their own wedding. So I know you can do this!

Feel free to listen to this episode with your eyes closed (unless you’re driving!). 

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A guided meditation for wedding stress


A few helpful reminders

I want to start by reminding you that you can do this. 

If you complete your Big Day by being married at the end of it, consider it a success. 

You are planning a wedding day to celebrate your new marriage, not to impress anybody. 


Ask yourself what’s stressing you out

A very practical tip is to work out what you’re stressed about and if there’s a solution. For example:

  • Are you stressed about the volume of tasks you need to do? Then go through our wedding planning checklist, identify the tasks you need to do now, what can wait and what can be delegated. 
  • Are you stressed because of information and inspiration overload? It might be time to start unfollowing celebrity wedding social media pages and scrolling through lists of items you don’t need. 
  • Are you stressed about what everything costs? Take some time to create a detailed budget and then begin itemising what you’ve already spent. Having a handle on your wedding budget and finances will help you to feel in charge. 
  • Are you stressed about family dynamics? Sit down with your partner and discuss your options together. Remember that you and your partner are a team and you can work this out together. 


Most of the time, we are stressed about things that can be controlled! 


Let’s breathe

I’d like to introduce you to a concept called 3-4-5 breathing. 

You breathe in for three seconds, hold for four seconds and then breathe out for five seconds. 

When your breathing out is longer than your breathing in, you start to move from a stress state to a thrive state! 

Let’s try this together – close your eyes and I’ll count as you breathe. 


So breathe in (2, 3), hold (2, 3, 4) and breathe out (2, 3, 4, 5). 




This is a simple breathing exercise you can do anywhere and will help you to start feeling calm and relaxed in seconds. 


Guided visualisation

Now that we are breathing more calmly and feeling more rested, let’s begin to visualise. So close your eyes and follow these prompts. 


I want you to picture your wedding:

  • Think about the morning of your wedding, waking up slowly and then meeting up with your wedding party. 
  • Picture your closest friends and family with you on the morning of your wedding as you get ready together. You’ll have some bubbly, you’ll be getting dressed together and all your wedding planning tasks will already be done. 
  • Then you’ll arrive at your wedding ceremony and be greeted by all your friends and family as they watch you exchange vows with your partner. 
  • Picture the moment you are pronounced married and how overjoyed you will be!
  • And then it’s time to celebrate – your guests will be in a great mood, you and your partner will be happy and relaxed and there will be nothing to stress about. 
  • You’ll have your dream team running the show and making all your plans come to life. 
  • Then later on, the party will begin and you’ll be dancing with your friends and family, with not a care in the world. 


Anytime you feel stressed about the details, remember the big picture: it’ll be your wedding day, you’ll be with your brand new spouse and you’ll be celebrating with your friends and family. 



Let’s take a moment to go through some wedding-specific affirmations together. I want you to repeat after me:


I trust that everything will come together beautifully, just as it’s meant to. 


We are creating a day filled with love, joy and cherished memories. 


I am capable of handling challenges and finding solutions with grace. 


Each decision we make brings us closer to the wedding of our dreams. 


We are surrounded by a supportive community that is excited to celebrate with us. 


I am focused on what truly matters – our commitment to each other. 


I release any pressure to be perfect and embrace the authenticity of our day. 


Our love story is unique, and our wedding will reflect that uniqueness. 


I am open to receiving help and guidance from others when needed. 


I choose to let go of stress and focus on the joy that our wedding will bring. 



Let’s end this guided meditation for wedding stress with a final 3-4-5 breathing exercise – close your eyes and I’ll count as you breathe. 


So breathe in (2, 3), hold (2, 3, 4) and breathe out (2, 3, 4, 5). 




Thank you for listening to this guided meditation for wedding stress. Come back next week for more practical wedding planning tips, advice and how-tos!

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