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10 Steps To Create A Wedding Seating Plan To Keep Everyone Happy – Wedding of your Dreams

When you’re gathering friends and family from every sphere of your life, there are bound to be complications. Some couples lean into the drama (like seating two ex high school sweethearts next to each other) but we think that’s a little unhinged. If you want to create a wedding seating plan to keep everyone happy, then you’re in the right place.

We’ll walk you through some key steps so you can seat everyone thoughtfully.


Gather all the details

Collect RSVPs and any special requests, dietary restrictions, or preferences from your guests. Having accurate and up-to-date information is essential for creating a thoughtful seating plan.


Group them

Divide your guest list into categories! You could have groups like work besties, uni friends, school mates, family and so on. This will help you organise the seating plan more effectively.


Create a Seating Chart Template

Whether you’re in the mood for a digital tool or plain old pen, paper and sticky notes, the key is to start visualising where everybody will sit.


Start with your key guests

Your key guests are people like immediate family, close friends, and your wedding party. Start by putting them at the right table – now is a good time to consider whether or not you want a head table.


Balance Dynamics

If you know that two guests who don’t know each other will get along well, seat them together. The same goes for guests who have a history – put them as far apart as you can.


Accommodate Special Requests

If possible, accommodate specific requests. This could include things like keeping elderly guests away from the speakers, your first-on-the-dance-floor friends right by the band, and seating international guests with other people who speak the same language.


Mix and Match

Create diverse tables by mixing groups of friends and family. This encourages mingling and ensures that no one feels isolated or out of place.


Avoid the Single’s Table

For heaven’s sake, just ditch the single’s table altogether. Nobody enjoys being grouped based on their relationship status.


Create a Kids Table

If there are children attending, create a special table just for them. Provide fun activities (like colouring books and bubbles) and make sure they are within sight of their parents.


Make Tweaks

Your seating plan will probably need some tweaks along the way, especially if you make other last-minute changes to your wedding plans. For the sake of your own sanity, stay flexible and plan for adjustments.


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