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Towers of Cheese! – Wedding of your Dreams

One of my favourite things about Christmas (yes, I’ve gone there!), are the cheese boards. Every family gathering is graced with a fabulous cheese board, we all try to out-do each other, of course! Thankfully cheese boards are not just for Christmas, they are absolutely perfect for every occasion, your wedding day included. Today we’re sharing two fabulous Irish businesses who lovingly create towers of cheese and grazing boards for you and your guests.

The Wild Grazer, Kilkenny 

A fast growing trend, the wedding cheese cake is created by layering wheels of at least four speciality cheeses. The Wild Grazer works exclusively with local Irish suppliers including Gubbeen, and Cooleeney, and has a range of over 20 cheeses for couples to choose from.

The wedding cheese cakes offering was developed in response to Irish couples’s increasing appetite for bucking traditions in favour of newer alternatives for their big day. The cheese cakes, which come peppered with seasonal produce like figs and passion fruit, provide an Instagramable centerpiece and savory snack that can fuel guest’s dancing into the night.

Led by Kilkeeny-native, Sarah Mc Gree, The Wild Grazer promotes a zero waste philosophy. Events are traditionally big offenders when it comes to food waste, combatting this, The Wild Grazer’s cheese cakes give couples the option to serve any remaining cheese as part of a grazing table or individual grazing cups for day two of the wedding, saving catering costs and significantly reducing wastage.

wedding cakes

Eight tiers of cheese wheels dressed with complementing fruits, The Wild Grazer

wedding cakes

Six tiers of cheese finished with fruit including delicious figs, The Wild Grazer

wedding cakes

Cheese wheel cake dressed with flowers and grapes, The Wild Grazer


Cheese & Chutney, Ratoath 

Cheese tower wedding cakes have emerged as a unique and sophisticated alternative to traditional sweet confections. These edible works of art are crafted by skillfully stacking an assortment of high-quality cheeses, often including a variety of textures and flavors, to create a visually captivating centerpiece. Embracing the trend of grazing and artisanal experiences, cheese tower wedding cakes provide a memorable and interactive culinary journey for guests. The arrangement of cheeses, complemented by fruits, nuts, and accompaniments, adds an elegant touch to the reception while offering a delightful departure from the conventional wedding cake. This trend resonates with couples seeking to celebrate their special day with a touch of culinary creativity and a celebration of the senses.

We create magic with such simple elements – delicious food, beautiful foliage & or blooms & unique tablescaping.

We draw on our creativity, experience & passion to delivery a one-of-a kind centrepiece for your big day, whether that’s a grazing table, runner, a “cheesecake”, or single-serve boat display we’ve got something guaranteed to wow your guests and bring people together.

wedding cakes

Simple three tier cheese tower, Cheese & Chutney

cheese cakes

Individual grazing pots, Cheese & Chutney

cheese cakes

Opulent grazing table teaming with beautiful Irish produce, Cheese & Chutney

wedding cakes

Pretty decor adorning a fabulous range of cheeses, Cheese & Chutney



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