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Minimalist Wedding Planning Tips To Show That Less Is More – Wedding of your Dreams

Minimalist couples, this one’s for you! If you are planning a wedding focused on simplicity, meaningful details and a paired-down aesthetic, then you’re in the right place.


Take a look at our step-by-step guide to plan a beautiful and elegant minimalist wedding:

Define Your Vision:

Start by clarifying your vision for the wedding. What does “minimalist” mean to you? Consider adjectives like clean, simple, elegant, and understated. Define your color palette and overall aesthetic.

Guest List:

Consider if you’d like to keep the guest list intimate. Invite only close family and friends to maintain the minimalist vibe.


Choose a venue that aligns with the minimalist aesthetic. Consider a modern loft, an art gallery, a botanical garden, or a beachside location. Find your dream wedding venue here!


Focus on a few key elements for décor. Use neutral colors and incorporate natural elements like greenery, wood, and stone.

Keep table settings simple with clean lines and minimalistic centerpieces.

Use candles or string lights for soft, ambient lighting.


Opt for clean and simple invitation designs. Use a limited color palette and minimal text.

Consider digital invitations to reduce paper waste.


Choose wedding attire that reflects the minimalist style – clean lines, elegant silhouettes, and simple details.

Opt for a small wedding party and keep their attire understated.


Keep the ceremony décor simple. A backdrop of flowing fabric, potted plants, or a simple arch can be beautiful and minimalist.

Work with your celebrant or solemniser to craft a meaningful and concise ceremony script.


Use a limited variety of blooms and greenery for your floral arrangements.

Consider potted plants or single stems in vases for centerpieces.


Choose a photographer who can capture the beauty of minimalism and focus on the emotions and meaningful moments.

Food and Drinks:

Opt for a small, high-quality menu rather than a lavish spread.

Serve signature cocktails and minimalistic desserts.


Select a few meaningful songs for key moments like the first dance and entrance.

Consider a small live band or a solo musician for an intimate vibe.


If you decide to have wedding favours, choose items that are functional or consumable, like small succulents or artisanal treats. Here are some wedding favours that guests will be excited to take home.

Minimalistic Cake:

Choose a simple, elegant cake design that aligns with your minimalist theme.

Day-of Coordination:

Enlist a day-of coordinator to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan.


Consider eco-friendly practices, such as using recycled materials, avoiding single-use items, and sourcing local, organic products. Eco-friendly wedding ideas here!

Focus on Moments:

Embrace the simplicity of the day and focus on the meaningful moments shared with loved ones.


Remember, the essence of a minimalist wedding is to focus on what truly matters and eliminate excess. Prioritise the aspects that hold the most meaning to you and your partner, and let those elements shine.

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