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Four Wedding Day Timeline Mistakes To Avoid – Wedding of your Dreams

Today we’re talking timelines, specifically your wedding day timeline. No matter how many weddings you’ve attended as a guest, it hits different when it’s your day and you are in charge of planning! 

Over the years we’ve attended lots of wedding days and chatted to lots of couples who have learnt a thing or two about timeline planning – we’re considering this essential info to ensure you don’t make these four timeline mistakes! 

From couples who have been there done that and shared their experiences, we hope this helps you plan out your wedding day. 

1. Forgetting about travel time 

You should always, always include travel time into your morning schedule. If you’re bridal prep location is 20 mins away from the venue, add 30 minutes to your timeline just in case there is traffic, or a random cow on the road! Also don’t forget to consider the transport you are in. If it’s a vintage car or horse and carriage, travel time could be longer, check with your supplier for their advice on travel time. Not giving yourself enough time to calmly travel to the ceremony could throw your wedding day timeline off from the very start so don’t forget about it! 

2. Not padding out the timeline 

This is one of the biggest mistakes we find couples make. Yes it might not take you 30 minutes to get into your wedding dress, but add on time for those special photos with your maids and that time will soon disappear. Speeches are another area where time can easily disappear. 

3. Forgetting to include photography timings to your day 

It is so important to factor in enough time to have all your photos taken, whether that is with your family or wedding party before the ceremony, or those precious just married photos with your partner. Your photographer will know how long they need to capture all the goodness, so be sure to chat this through with them during your consultation. 

4. Winging the getting ready schedule

Please don’t enter your wedding day without a hair and makeup schedule and running order! Your stylist and makeup artist will give let you know of their arrival time prior to the day. Using their time effectively is key to a smooth morning. We suggest you have a running order which includes everyone. Again chat to your suppliers to ask what order their suggest, such as bridesmaids first, followed by the bride, or vice versa. 

(Image: Alan Roche Photography) 

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