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July 2023 – Technology Subset

In July, we experienced one incident that resulted in degraded performance across GitHub services.

July 21 13:07 UTC (lasting 59 minutes)

On July 21 at 13:07 UTC, GitHub experienced a partial power outage in one of our redundant data centers, which resulted in a loss of compute capacity. GitHub updated the status of six services to yellow at 13:12 UTC. The vast majority of customer impact occurred in the first 10 minutes up to 13:17 UTC as requests were internally rerouted to other nodes in the data center, but we elected to keep status at yellow until full capacity was restored out of an abundance of caution. As a result of this incident, we are conducting reviews of all power feeds with each of our datacenter partners. We have also identified improvements to reduce recovery time after power was restored and are evaluating ways to reduce the time to fail over all traffic.

Please follow our status page for real-time updates on status changes. To learn more about what we’re working on, check out the GitHub Engineering Blog.

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