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How To Create Epic Champagne Spray Photos For Your Wedding – Wedding of your Dreams

We’ve all seen those stunning champagne spray photos, where couples go nuts and spray champagne or Prosecco everywhere! The result is incredible and a true representation of the excitement on the day.

Wondering how to create epic champagne spray photos? Well, there’s more to it than just grabbing a bottle of bubbly and shaking it up, according to Michael Briggs. In this Instagram reel, he shared expert tips on how to create a champagne spray photo.

Featured image credit: Anna Yeremenko Photography


How to create epic champagne spray photos

Michael reminds us to put safety first! As soon as you take the foil off the bottle, put your thumb over the cork so it doesn’t explode spontaneously. Nobody wants a black eye on their wedding day.

Next, remember not to pre-shake the bottle. There’s no benefit to doing so!

In a civilised manner, pop the cork the way you would at a restaurant. Still, no shaking.

Now that your bottle is open, put your thumb over the top.

Start to release your thumb a little bit, kind of like how you’d release water from a garden hose.

And finally, beginning to shake the bottle and spray champagne as you do!


Anna Yeremenko Photography


When to take your champagne spray photos

There are several moments on your wedding day that are perfect for whipping out the bubbly and taking a dramatic photo!

Here are some suggestions:

  • When you’re still in your robes and PJs with your wedding party.
  • Right before you cut the cake (as pictured in the featured image).
  • As a posed moment well after dancing has begun.
  • At the very end of the night, with your guests in the background.


There you have it, expert tips on how to create epic champagne spray photos for your wedding. Not sure who’s going to take these awesome photos? Well, if you’re getting married in Ireland, take a look at our incredible wedding photographers who would be delighted to capture the magic.

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