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Seven Single Use Plastic Elements To Forget – Wedding of your Dreams

There is no doubt, plastic has an awful impact on the environment and our health, and we need to be taking steps to cut down our usage of it, both in everyday life and at your wedding. 

These days couples are trying their best to make their wedding ‘greener’ and reduce their plastic consumption. To help you take a step in the right direction today we’ve got seven great ideas to reduce your plastic usage on your wedding day. 

(For more eco friendly ideas this Wedding Wednesday podcast is a great listen) 


We all know most favours are either left behind or dropped into a drawer never to see the light of day again! Give the plastic a miss and either save your money, offer a plantable option, or better still, donate to a charity close to your heart. 

Disposable plates, glasses and cutlery 

Most wedding guests will eat from a proper plate, don’t worry! We know, however, it can be tempting to use disposables for entertaining in the run up to your wedding. The waste and cost will soon add up, so spend you money on hiring someone (a niece or nephew keen for some cash!) to wash your ‘real’ dishes instead! 


Give helium filled balloons a miss and use recycled paper decorations at your wedding party. You’ll still achieve the colour and celebration feel from paper lanterns, tissue paper pin wheels and streamers, but will be doing the earth a huge favour. 


Lots of couples do love a confetti toss to mark their big exit as newly married, but many over the counter confetti’s will include traces of plastic. Choose a biodegradable products such as rose petals or dried lavender – pretty and sweet smelling. 


Once a favourite drink garnish we hope venues have moved away from plastic options and reverted to paper, stainless steel and even silicone options. Ask your venue on their usage and ask plastic to be replaced with paper, even if you have to purchase them, the change is totally worth it. 

Floral foam 

This one isn’t down to you, but when you are chatting with your florist ask if they use floral foam in their designs. If they do request they swap it out for sustainable options such as chicken wire and moss. Most florists are on a mission to cut this terrible product from their work and will have no issue with your request. 

Water bottles 

It might seem like a tough one to get past, but there are plenty of alternative to plastic water bottles. Pitchers filled with water and fruits make an attractive ‘hydration station’ used alongside a mis-match of glasses and cups. 

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