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Seven Tips To Keep Your Budget Under Control – Wedding of your Dreams

With the average wedding sitting budget around €30,000 (check out our latest survey results for lots of golden advice), knowing how too look after it is vital to ensure you keep your head above water and don’t sink all your hard-earned cash in the wrong areas! 

Take a deep breath and step away from the spreadsheet – today we’ve got seven helpful tips to help keep your budget under control. 

Choose the best wedding date for you 

Even before you put a budget together you need to know how long you have to save for your wedding day. Choosing a date as far ahead in advance possible means you have more time to save and organise the day of your dreams. 

If possible it’s great to have a flexible approach to wedding date picking. Approach your venue with possible dates including ‘off-peak’ days such as during winter and mid-week, and use their quotes to help you choose the smartest date. 

Be completely realistic about your wedding budget 

With a basic timeline for your planning period you need to be completely realistic with your budget for overall spending. Important basics to remembers include venue, rings, wedding attire, catering, decor and flowers, photographer, videographer and entertainment. 

Decide what is most important to you

One of the amazing thing about weddings is they are all so different and individual, just like the couple planning the day. When it comes to knuckling down your wedding budget decide what is your musts, what can’t you get married without. For some, walking into their ceremony under a fabulous floral arch is a must, for others serving every guest a decadent five course meal is their priority. Decide your must haves and use them to dictate how your budget is allocated. 

Work out a monthly savings goal 

When you know how long you have before your wedding day and how much you need to save, work out a monthly savings goal. It’s a handy idea to open a separate bank account for your wedding only, along with a dedicated wedding email account. If you think your family would like to contribute to your day, now is a good time to put the feelers out to find out what they will be offering. 

Be realistic about the size of your wedding party 

Remember for every person in your wedding party you will likely have to pay for their wedding attire. Once you begin multiplying each item by three, four or even five, the numbers will soon add up. 

As for guests try putting your potential guest list into three categories; immediate family and friends, good friends and extended family and co-workers or casual acquaintances. 

Steer clear of unnecessary expenses 

Adjusting your daily and monthly life expenses is a good idea to help keep you on track. Those daily coffees or hefty gym memberships you never use can go for the immediate future to help get you across the savings goal. 

Within your wedding expenses, also remember to look out for things that you really don’t need/expect at your day. These items will vary for each couple, whether it’s designer bridal shoes, individual name place cards or day two entertainment. Make your money go as far as possible by trimming down on things you don’t really need. 

Get crafty and creative 

If you’re not the creative or crafty type, we don’t advise you give yourself a huge list to DIY! But, if this type of thing doesn’t scare you why not give it a go? Remember to plan ahead, give yourself plenty of time and ask friends and family for help along the way. 

For more budget advice, visit our huge budget section for lots more advice and savings tips. 

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