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Create a Stunning Sparkler Send-Off – Safely – Wedding of your Dreams

A sparkler moment is pure joy to witness, and one of the best photos you could have from our day, but they do come with a risk – 100+ slightly intoxicated guests, layers of tulle and fire?! Read on to ensure your sparkler send-off goes off without a hitch! 

1. Always ask your venue

While some venues are happy to allow a sparkler send-off, others may have a ban on them. Ask them if you are allowed before you set your heart on it. 

2. Let your photographer and videographer know 

To capture these magical moments your photographer and videographer should be told well in advance of your day. They can then begin their prep work to ensure they have the correct lens and are in the right position to capture your special moment. They may also have their own advice from previous sparkler experiences. 

3. Enlist a ‘Team Sparkle’

Every 25 or so guests will need a helper to give out the sparklers and light them when the time comes. Speak to your venue and ask if their waiting staff are able to do this, otherwise you will have to ask the non-drinking guests for their help. 

4. One sparkler per person 

One sparkler is plenty for each guest to hold! The more they have the more likely they are to have an accident. 

5. Ask the DJ or MC to give the cue

When the time is right and everyone is in place, ask your venues MC or the DJ to give the nod to go. 

What you’ll need to buy:

1. Long handled sparklers (70cm or 90cm) with burn time of 2-3 minutes

2. Gas lighters – one per 25 guests

3. Buckets of sand to put the burnt sparklers in

Top Tips 

– Ask your guests to leave their drinks inside

– Ensure all children are not at the front of the guard of honour 

– Hold the lit sparklers high and not across the guard of honour

– If you are wearing a veil be sure to remove it before you walk through

Image: Laura Mc Photography

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