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How to Stay Cool in your Wedding Dress – Wedding of your Dreams

Summer weddings are amazing, and we’ve been so lucky the last few weeks with gorgeous weather but it can play havoc with our clothing! With lots of sunshine and dancing until the early hours, staying cool and comfortable in your dress is a priority you should consider. With a little planning and creativity and our tips below you’ll not be worrying about sweating the night away in your dress! 

1. Make a wise decision when choosing your dress

Some wedding dresses can be made from thick and heavy material, which will be hot! This is not what we want for out summer brides so make sure your bridal consultant knows you are having a summer wedding. They will then be able to guide you on the best fabric choices to work with, which will ideally have a lighter weight. 

2. Choose shoes that breathe

What’s your shoe choice got to do with it? Let us tell you – a lot! If your feet are very cosy and hot inside your shoes, the rest of you will feel just as hot and bothered! Instead of fully closed shoes opt for sandals or flats. 

3. Wear your hair up 

Just like too-warm feet, if you hair is tumbling down around you, you are guaranteed to feel hotter. A beautiful up-do is the way forward. Chat to your hair stylist about what styles will suit your overall look and will work with the elements of the day. 

4. Choose breathable undergarments

Many wedding dresses have the option of built-in support so there is no need for a bra. Go for natural cotton underwear to keep things breathable and fresh feeling throughout the day. 

5. Experiment with cooling patches

If things are expected to be very, very hot cooling patches are an option but we suggest you try them out before the day. Most patches have the option of sticking to your skin and will ensure you are kept cool during the special moments. 

6. Stay in the shade 

Your photographer will be able to guide you throughout the important photos but when you’re mingling with your guests try to stay out of direct sunlight. Use shaded areas such as under parasols to keep cool and the sweat at bay! 

7. Use cooling items throughout the day 

Mini fans are a lifesaver and are a good idea for you and your bridesmaids. Little bottles of water with a spritz option will also be a welcome relief, as well as lots of bottled water to drink! 

(Image: MG Photography) 

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