Wedding of your Dreams

Bridal Manicure Ideas – Wedding of your Dreams

Summer wedding season is well and truly here and we’re here for all the gorgeous little details, especially bridal manicures! Never will your hands have more attention than on your wedding day, so the perfect bridal manicure is a must. Today we’ve rounded up lots of ideas, including nail shapes to help you on the way to picture perfect wedding day hands and nails. 

bridal manicure

How about a modern French tip? Forget white why not top your nails in the colour of your maids dresses! Image via


bridal manicure

Keep it bridal but add a little extra with pearl embellishments. Image via Etsy


bridal manicure

Florals are always a great choice, we love this elegant yet fun design. Image via


bridal manicure

Pastel and polka dot is a winner in our book. Great for the Big day and ideal for basking on the beach after! Image via


bridal manicure

Nudes will always work for a bridal manicure but why not add a touch of bling? Image via LifestylebyAnnaElizabeth

What nail shape should I choose?

As well as how you decorate your nails you should consider what shape you can go for – no idea what’s what? This should help you out…

Round or oval nails: Using the natural contour of the nail with a circular edge at the tip. This shapes will help make your fingers look longer and is a great classic choice. 

Square nails: Nails are filed straight across the top for a 90 degree angle sides. If you have slim fingers this is a great shape for you. 

Coffin nails: Just like the shape of a coffin (sorry, not very bridal!) the sides are tapered with a straight edge on the top. This shape is loved the world over by fashionistas! 

Squoval nails: From a square shaped nail the edges are rounded at the top giving a square/round hybrid! This shapes looks good on both long and short fingers. 

Almond nails: A long nail bed with tapered tips, just like the shapes of an almond. This shape is very popular right now and has a chic and timeless appeal. 

Stiletto nails: If you love long, pointy and extra dramatic, this is the shape for you! Not ideal for everyday but perfect for a special occasion like your wedding day. 


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