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9 Tips For Mix & Match Floral Maids – Wedding of your Dreams

Floral bridesmaids dresses aren’t just for spring weddings, if you fancy a unique look for your bridal party mix and match floral dresses are a winner. They add a creative look and add personality to each of your maids looks. Are you ready for the inspiration and ideas, right this way… 

9 Tips To Get It Right

1. Before you head off shopping, create a mood board and colour palette and ask your girls to stick to it. 

2. Sticking with one designer or brand is a good idea as their colour palettes will work together. 

3. Don’t forget the bouquets your girls carry will finish the look. 

4. Choose dresses with different patterns but with the same colour palette. 

5. Another alternative is to choose the same pattern but with a variety of dress styles. You might find one maid likes her arms on show, whilst another doesn’t, let you girls choose the shape they prefer. 

6. Adding in a solid colour can work beautifully with patterned dresses – perfect if one girl doesn’t fancy a floral dress! 

7. Floral patterns don’t always have to mean vibrant colours. If you prefer a more muted palette go for it. There are lots of minimalist floral patterns around on the high street. 

8. Choose warmer colours during the colder months, this will add instant heat and atmosphere to the day. 

9. Don’t forget texture; linen during summer, plush velvet during winter are always popular choices. 

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