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5 Couples Share Their Brilliant Wedding Planning Advice – Wedding of your Dreams

We always say that newlyweds give the best wedding planning advice! They’ve ‘been there, done that’ and they know what they’re talking about. Want to know what real life couples have to say about their Big Day? Take a peek at their brilliant wedding planning advice…


Leyla & Max

“Have a budget and be realistic that you will probably go over. I had an excel spreadsheet and I added everything to it. It was a lot of money but we both don’t regret it as it was the best day of our lives that we will cherish forever. Also, spend as much time together on the day as possible and look round at your guests together to see how much fun everyone is having! Take a moment to take it all in!”

Schillings Photography | Oceana Club, Spain


Sherelle & Mikey

“Don’t worry or stress about the little things. More than likely things will go wrong and it just won’t matter on the day. Take time for yourselves after your ceremony if you can and just enjoy the day as much as you can. It really does go by so fast so take it all in and enjoy what you’ve both worked hard for.”

Peter Bell Photography | Pillo Hotel


Wayne & Kate

“Do the day your own way as it is a day all about you as a couple and the things you love. Let the motions of the day be what it’ll be. There will be a few hiccups (nothing major hopefully) but just let it slide you plan your day for so long and put so much effort into it you just have to enjoy it and take it all in. It’s the most amazing day of your life.”

Peter Bell Photography | Four Seasons Hotel Monaghan


Hannah & Gearóid

“Do it your way! Don’t get swept up in the madness of wedding planning and feeling you need to have everything you see online – think about what you both like as a couple, what you have seen at other weddings that you liked and go from there. One example for us, was that we decided not to record the wedding ceremony or have any photos of it in the church as we wanted to be fully present and in the moment together. We had photos and recordings up until we arrived and then as we left but not during the mass and we have no regrets about our decision!”

Aidan Beatty Photography | Ballymagarvey Village


Jennifer & Eoin

“The best advice that we got that we would also give to other couples was that your wedding day is not all about you, think about your guests – if they are having a good time so will you!”

Joseph Reid Photography | Tinakilly Country House

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