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TMI Questions Every Bride Really Wants To Ask – Wedding of your Dreams

Everybody has a mental list of things they’re concerned about, when it comes to wedding planning. Some of these things can be kind of awkward and embarrassed and you may feel weird asking your questions! Not to worry – we’ve listed common TMI questions every bride really wants to ask… and obviously, we’re sharing the answers too.


“How will I pee in my wedding dress?”

If your wedding dress has lots of layers or is particularly poofy, you’ll want to enlist the help of your bridesmaids. They can stand on either side of you and lift your dress, so you can pee without ruining your dress.

Bonus tip: face away from the bathroom door so the bulk of your dress is behind you and easily accessible.


“What if I get my period on my wedding day?”

A period can be an inconvenience on a normal day, but even more so on your wedding day! If you are on the pill, speak with your doctor about how you can tweak your dosage so you don’t get your period on your Big Day.

If you do get your period, make sure you have extra protection (a tampon and pad) and be sure to change them frequently. Concerned about cramps? Keep good pain killers with you and don’t take them while drinking alcohol.


“How do I make sure I don’t smell sweaty?”

If you’re getting married in the heat of summer, you may be concerned about body odour. Even the most dignified women smell from time to time. Keep a travel-sized bottle or can of deodorant in your purse and apply it frequently throughout the day!


“What if I don’t want to have sex on my wedding night?”

Surprisingly, many couples don’t actually do it on their wedding night. Maybe it’s the tiredness, the drinking or you’ve chosen to spend every minute you possibly can with your guests. Whatever your reasons, there’s no rule that says you have to do it on the night of your wedding.


“Is there a way to make sure my breath smells good all day?”

If you’re worried about your breath, start a good oral cleaning routine now. The longterm effects of regular brushing, flossing and trips to the hygienist will go far beyond just your wedding day.

On the day itself, drink lots of water so you don’t have a dry mouth and keep breath mints handy. Avoid chewing gum, because it doesn’t look very ladylike chomping on gum on your Big Day!

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