Wedding of your Dreams

Flower Girl Inspiration – Wedding of your Dreams

You’ve chosen your little ladies and they are very excited for your special day, but what will they carry up the aisle? Today we’ve got eight great ideas from traditional posies to pretty wreaths. 

It’s important to remember the age of your flower girls and keep your expectations on their performance on the day in perspective. A little three year old could easily get stage fright and not want to carry anything, and that is fine, try not to worry they will melt the hearts of your guests no-matter what they do! 

A wicker basket filled with rose petals

flower girl

Gia Canali Photography

A personalised rag doll

flower girl

Choosing Keeping Gifts, Etsy

A heart shaped wreath

flower girl

A floral hoop

flower girl

Bramble Sky

A delicate pomander

flower girl


A teddy bear

flower girl


A baby breath posy

flower girl

Muito Chique

A pretty floral wand

flower girl

Sisters Creations, Etsy

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