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The 2023 Open Source Program Office (OSPO) Survey is live! – Technology Subset

The past few years have seen an increase in the number of open source program offices (OSPOs) operating in enterprises, academia, and government—notably, the Octoverse 2022 report found that over 30% of Fortune 100 companies have implemented an OSPO. These programs aim to become a center of excellence for an organization’s open source activity, whether that’s publicly releasing its own code, participating in upstream communities, managing its dependencies on external projects, or a combination of all of these.

Along with working on our own open source initiatives (including releasing our OSPO’s policies and tools!) GitHub is partnering with the TODO Group and Linux Foundation to gather research data about OSPOs and similar open source initiatives. The project aims to provide research-backed insights into the adoption, implementation, and impact of OSPOs across different sectors and industries.

A key part of this project is a public survey that will help quantify how different organizations are addressing issues in open source, like balancing openness and control, managing external dependencies and upstream contributions, and sustaining internal and external communities. If you’re involved with your organization’s efforts around the use of open source software and are interested in providing your perspective, please complete the survey! It should take less than 15 minutes and the data will be incredibly valuable to advancing our understanding of open source at scale.

As a thank you, upon completion of the survey, you will receive a code for a 25% discount on any Linux Foundation e-learning training course or certification exam, as long as you register before August 30, 2023.

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