Wedding of your Dreams

15 Wedding Planning Tips To Remember – Wedding of your Dreams

Newly engaged and with a wedding to plan? One things for sure, there are lots of exciting times ahead for you! 

We love to share our insider knowledge and help couples plan the perfect day so let us do just that. Today we’re going back to basics and sharing 15 wedding planning tips for you to remember when the decisions get a little overwhelming. Think of them as your planning rules to live by! Good luck… 

1. Go with your gut

Cliche, maybe but we see couples get themselves very confused and worried about making some decisions. Will my guests like this, will my parents be happy… all these questions are sure to pop up. This is your friendly reminder to go with your gut and trust it. Your wedding is about you and your partner, you deserve the wedding day you both want. 

2. Prioritise and be yourselves

You’ll find wedding inspiration at every turn but make sure you plan the day that reflects you both as a couple. Prioritise what is important to you, whether that be food, flowers or entertainment and work from there. Every couple has a different idea of what’s important, and that is great! 

3. Find wedding suppliers who get you 

When you are searching for your wedding suppliers look at their previous work and be guided by their style. If you love what they do chances are you’re going to love what they create for you. For a leap ahead, have a look at our Service Finder. 

4. Set a budget and don’t forget it 

Don’t every underestimate the need for a budget. You need one and that’s a fact. For lots of budget advice, head here. 

5. Take your time 

Armed with your budget take your time to research and consider each element the day before making you final choices. 

6. Make your day personal 

Nothing beats a wedding day when you and your partner at the the core. If you imagine a friend looking at your day from the outside, if they can tell it’s your day, you win! 

7. Meet as many suppliers in person as possible 

This isn’t always needed or possibly, but most suppliers will be happy to meet you before the day to run through any final decisions.

8. Be organised before the day 

Believe us, you don’t want to spend the week before your wedding bogged down in things that could have been taken care of long before the day. If you take your time and work through everything in good time, the week before should be relaxing and enjoyable. 

9. Don’t forget technology 

Whilst it’s best to fill your day with core memory making moments, don’t forget to use technology to the good and to help you out. Call, text or email outstanding RSVP’s, create a wedding day hashtag for your guests to share on Instagram or create a wedding website with all wedding details to cut down on printing costs. 

10. Keep the important elements in mind at all times 

See point 2! You want to be married, create a memorable day and have happy guests. After those three elements, everything else is a bonus. 

11. Read your contracts 

Do your homework and make sure you are happy with the information and guidelines on each contract, they are in place to protect you and the supplier. 

12. Do plenty of research

You’ve made it here to WoL so we think you’ve got the best start with that! 

13. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Weddings are real life events with humans, and sometimes (just sometimes!) things will go in a way you weren’t expecting. Things happen and that’s ok, don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep your eye on the prize; a marriage and a happy day. 

14. Plan the ceremony you want to remember 

Many couples think they can’t veer from the ‘norm’ ceremony, but you can plan the ceremony you want. Know who you want involved, the music, readings, poems and even pets you want to include! 

15. Laugh, dance, have fun and make core memories! 

(Image: Couple Photography)

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