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Pandemic Wedding Trends We Still Love [Episode 46] – Wedding of your Dreams

If you had told us three years ago that we’d find inspiration in pandemic wedding trends, we’d have laughed at you! But hey, because of Covid, the way we celebrated was drastically different to what we were used to.


The wedding industry was hit hard and we saw many couples forced to postpone their wedding, many of whom had to do so multiple times. Couples had to find creative ways to share their love with vulnerable guests or those who couldn’t travel to be with them.

To accommodate the many safety rules and guidelines, wedding suppliers had to pivot their services and do whatever was possible to create a safe and comfortable environment. 

We welcomed face masks, colour-coded wrist bands and other Covid-safe details while navigating wedding planning during a really strange time.

But, it turns out there were a few pandemic wedding trends that we’ve welcomed with open arms. Some of them are so great that we’re hoping they’ll stick around! 


Shopping local

We’ve loved seeing couples embrace their local venues, suppliers, flowers, foods and more! For many, this was forced upon them, but upon reflection, they’re really happy they got to share their local favourites. Something we love about this is that using what’s local to your venue is also great for the environment. 


Weekday weddings

We’ve always been a fan of weekday weddings because they present many more options. Seeing couples embrace Wednesdays and Thursdays as an alternative to their original Saturday wedding day is refreshing. 


More intentional time on the day

With more intimate weddings, couples have created space and time to really enjoy being with their friends and family. We’ve loved seeing couples taking time out to be alone, just soaking up their day while their guests have fun somewhere else.


Remote planning

Planning a wedding takes A LOT of time! Pre-Covid, couples would have lots of in-person meetings with suppliers. Once Covid forced us to maintain a safe distance, we said yes to technology and tools like Zoom and Google Meet. Virtual meetings and remote planning have become the norm, giving couples the gift of time!


Live-streaming the wedding

Before Covid, if you lived too far and weren’t able to attend a wedding, you’d have to wait until the photos were released to get a glimpse of the action. Live-streaming has opened up more possibilities for distant relatives to feel like part of the festivities! 


VIP guest lists

Covid restrictions and a smaller head count forced couples to invite only those they absolutely HAD to have at their wedding. 

While we’re extremely happy that couples no longer need to downsize their weddings, we love that they are being selective about who they want to have with them.


Creative entertainment

We are so happy that live music and dancing have been welcomed back! But we’ve got to admit that we loved seeing couples get creative with their wedding day entertainment. Private concerts, magic shows, live paintings and more. 

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