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20 Mistakes Brides Make (And How To Avoid Them) – Wedding of your Dreams

Anybody who has spent even a day planning a wedding will know just how much work goes into staying organised. There are so many decisions to make and it’s no wonder brides make mistakes along the way. For most of us, this is the first and only wedding we’ll ever plan, so nobody blames you.

Even the most organised bride can stumble and make mistakes, but you don’t have to. Here at 20 mistakes brides make, so you don’t have to!


Mistake #1: You forget your priorities

Before scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram – and definitely before booking any suppliers – take time to consider your priorities. Do you want a night time wedding with lots of dancing? How about a relaxed beach wedding where all your guests are barefoot? Is food a big priority for you?

Consider what you (and your partner, obvs) want your wedding to be about and then start planning! These decisions will help you to choose the perfect venue, date, decor, budget and basically everything else.


Mistake #2: You buy your wedding dress before choosing your venue

Before trying on wedding dresses, you need to have a clear idea of when and where you are getting married. Of course you can wear whatever you want, but imagine choosing a gorgeous ballgown and then deciding on an outdoor beachy wedding. You’ll regret walking around in a big wedding dress on a hot summer’s day while all your guests are more comfortable and season-appropriate.


Mistake #3: You announce your engagement too soon

Our top tip is to first share the big news with your nearest and dearest before going public. And even before that, take some time to enjoy being engaged while nobody else in the world knows!


Mistake #4: You’ve decided not to hire a wedding planner

“But I’m super organised and I’ve been dreaming of planning my wedding my whole life…” I hear you!

“Wedding planners are so expensive, I just can’t afford the luxury…” Hmm I hear you, but you may be wrong. Click here to find out why!

Even if a full on wedding planner is outside of your budget, and you’ve got the time to plan your wedding, I would highly recommend enlisting the help of a day-of coordinator who can bring everything together on the day itself.


Mistake #5: You’ve got too many rules for guests to follow

Guests are able to follow a few simple rules.

No phones during the ceremony – understood.

Don’t wear white – understood.

But too many rules and you’ll overcomplicate things and guests will be overwhelmed. Keep it simple!


Mistake #6: There are awkward gaps in your wedding timeline with nothing for guests to do

For weddings where the ceremony and reception are taking place at different venues – or if you plan to take photos between the two – there can be an awkward gap of time, where guests are left with nothing to do.

There are plenty of creative (and just plain genius) ways to avoid this predicament. Expert tips here!


Mistake #7: You aren’t looking after your engagement ring

Want to keep that ring sparkly, bright and looking gorgeous? Well, here are 5 times you shouldn’t wear your ring, and here are expert tips on how to clean your ring like a pro.


Mistake #8: You don’t feed your suppliers

Want your wedding supplier team to be in good spirits for the duration of your Big Day? Well, they are professionals, so no matter what they will deliver. But if you want to make sure they have energy and are on top form, then feed them. And we’re talking about a hot meal. No crisps and sandwiches for the crew who will make your wedding dreams come to life!


Mistake #9: You don’t say hello to all your guests

Most couples have opted out of the formal receiving line tradition, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t greet all your guests. If you’ve got a particularly large wedding guest list, factor in time to go to each table and say hello to everybody. Your guests will feel super special and will have an even better time!


Mistake #10: You put the spotlight on your single friends

Please don’t have a singles table. Nobody wants that.

Here’s what to do instead: seat your guests with people they know or people they will get along with. This will help all your single guests to feel comfortable, rather than grouping them by relationship status.


Mistake #11: You aren’t shopping seasonally

One of the best ways to save money is to select seasonal flowers!

Seasonal flowers for Spring – roses, peonies, ranunculus, lisianthus, sweet peas, stocks, tulips and lily of the valley.

Seasonal flowers for Summer – roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, lisianthus, delphiniums, stocks, cosmos, sunflowers, scabiosa, zinnias.

Seasonal flowers for Autumn – roses, ameranthus, delphiniums, clematis, lisianthus, anemones, dahlias, ranunculus, freshias, scabiosa, pampas grass, bunny tails.

Seasonal flowers for Winter – roses, anemones, lisianthus, clematis, origanum, thistle, freshias, veronicas, wax flower, seasonal foliage, berries, pinecones, gypsophila.


Mistake #12: You’re doing too much

Perhaps you enjoy baking in your spare time. Maybe you’re a wonderful singer. Or maybe you’ve made a couple of pretty dresses before.

Your wedding is not the time to DIY every single thing. Leave some things to the pros if you want to keep your sanity.


Mistake #13: You’re being too trendy

There’s a time and a place for wedding trends – heck, we love them!

But if you want to opt for a timeless wedding, with photos you can look back on for years and years to come, then avoid selecting every trend under the sun.


Mistake #14: You haven’t given yourself enough time to get ready

It may take roughly 5 minutes to get dressed on a normal day. Maybe you usually spend 15 minutes doing your makeup. Well, on your wedding day, every task will take longer.

Not sure how to plan out your wedding morning timeline? We’ve got you covered.


Mistake #15: You won’t get over the little things

The number one piece of advice we receive from couples is this: don’t sweat the small stuff.

And they’re right!

Remember your list of priorities? Keep those in mind and let go of the rest.


Mistake #16: You aren’t eating

Your wedding day is going to be busy. Take time to eat a healthy breakfast and don’t forget to drink water! You don’t want to faint on your way down the aisle.


Mistake #17: You’ve forgotten the hidden costs

There are a number of unexpected wedding costs that you probably haven’t accounted for. If you want to stay on top of your wedding budget, then you’ll want to check out this list of wedding expenses you aren’t expecting.


Mistake #18: Your wedding rules aren’t clear

We mentioned that too many rules are a no-go. But with the rules you do have, you need to be clear!

Not up for having children at your wedding? Create a rule. Either all children stay at home, or children of the wedding party can come. But if you start inviting some children and not others, with no clear rule in place, you’re going to offend somebody.


Mistake #19: You haven’t prepared your speech

There’s no rule that says you have to give a speech at your wedding, but if you do give one… don’t wing it!

Here are some expert tips on bride speeches – check them out!


Mistake #20: You haven’t made enough time for each other

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner. So make sure you get to spend time together on the day!

Here are some ideas:

  • Opt for a ‘first look’ where you can see each other alone before your ceremony.
  • Have a sweetheart table, where it’s just the two of you during dinner and speeches.
  • Take a moment, just the two of you, while your guests are enjoying dinner. Pop outside and just enjoy the fact that you are married!

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