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Here’s Why You Need A Wedding Backup Plan – Wedding of your Dreams

Nobody wants to think about unforeseen circumstances, especially when you could interrupt one of the best days of their life. But it’s important to note that unexpected things crop up and you need a wedding backup plan.

Things won’t always go according to plan – a supplier might drop out at the last minute or you may have rain! So what do you do to ensure that your day is still the most magical day ever? Well, keep on reading…


Talk to your venue and planner

Your wedding planner and venue are the two most important suppliers who can initiate any wedding backup plan you have.

While hunting for the perfect wedding venue, here are some questions you should ask:

  • Is there an indoor option in case it rains?
  • What is the guest count for any backup options?
  • At what point will the couple need to decide if they are going to use the backup plan?

In the event that the venue doesn’t offer a wedding backup plan, it’s important to discuss options with your wedding planner. They will be able to advise you on the options and costs!


Have space in your budget

You will want to create space in your budget for a bad weather backup plan! Consider the alternative: guests with drenched wedding outfits, musicians needing to stop playing in order to protect their equipment, and just general rainy weather chaos.

In order to implement a wedding backup plan in case of bad weather, you will need to have money set aside. This could go towards hiring a marquee and umbrellas, getting warm and cosy blankets for everybody, or buying lots of beautiful candles to create a romantic glow in your indoor ceremony.


Communicate with your suppliers

Some suppliers won’t be impacted by a change in plans, while others will need time to prepare. The suppliers who had planned to set up a beautiful outdoor dinner and will now need to transition to indoors will need to know about the change in plans as soon as possible.

Keep in conversation with your suppliers because they will know how to make this transition efficient!


Don’t handle this alone

A wedding planner or day-of coordinator will be a superhero in moments like this. Instead of calling all your suppliers to share the change in plans, or managing the new decor set up, allow your wedding planner to set in oversee this process for you. That is what they’re there for you! On your Big Day, you should be sipping bubbly with your girls while you get ready together, no matter what pops up.

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