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5 Times Not To Wear Your Engagement Ring – Wedding of your Dreams

You’ve said yes! Congratulations! We couldn’t blame you if you never want to take your beautiful engagement ring off. BUT there are a few times where it’s better to pop your ring in a box to keep it safe. Here are a few times you won’t want to wear your engagement ring to make sure you’re keeping it safe and shiny for years to come!


1. During a workout

The best way to misshape your engagement ring over time is to wear it while you lift weights! Even lighter weights can damage your ring so it’s best to slip your ring off for a workout. We recommend taking off your engagement ring for all workouts – even pilates and yoga – because putting bodyweight onto your ring can cause bending too.


2. At the beach

Or while you’re doing any kind of swimming, for that matter! You could lose your ring underwater and the salt water and chlorine can dull its sparkle and cause discolouration. Don’t even get me started on getting sand and sunscreen stuck in all the crevices of the ring!


3. When you’re applying lotion

Did you know that body washes, lotions and moisturisers can affect the brilliance and shine of your ring over time? They’re amazing for your skin but not good for your ring. If you want to avoid coating your ring in a sticky film, wait until your hands are clean and dry before putting it back on your finger.


4. While wearing gloves

Here are a few things you might not know about rings and gloves: when it’s cold, your ring size naturally decreases so it’s easier to slip off your finger (so goodbye ski gloves). When you take your gardening gloves off, they can easily pull your engagement ring off. And latex gloves can bend the prongs of your ring over time. Rather take your ring off before wearing gloves!


5. When it doesn’t fit properly

If your ring is too big or too small you can unintentionally damage it, or worse, lose it! Just take it straight to a jeweller as soon as you notice something is a little off, because if you continue to wear it, you could turn a simple fix into a difficult one.

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