Wedding of your Dreams

How To Plan A Memorable Proposal – Wedding of your Dreams

Planning on popping the question soon? Today we’re sharing how to plan a memorable proposal!


Decide whether or not to ask for a blessing

This is a totally personal decision.

Some find this very traditional and others think it’s perfect.

Usually ask your partner’s parents, but you can ask their closest family member or even a close friend.


Choose a meaningful location

The location you choose can elevate your proposal so it’s meaningful, memorable and epic!

You don’t have to fly your Other Half to Paris and pop the question at the Eiffel Tower (although nobody would complain if you do).

Choose a location that means something to you:

The restaurant where you had your first date, the spot you first met, the beach where you first said “I love you”.

Or just a location with a beautiful view!


Pick the ring

Surprise ring or not? That’s up to you too!

Surprise – ask for their close friends to do some sleuthing for you

Not a surprise – go ring shopping together

How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring


Make it personal

Does your Other Half love a night out on the town?

Or do they prefer a quiet night in?

Would they want a public or private proposal?

These clues will guide you to plan the perfect proposal

Think about what your Other Half loves and include that in the proposal.

Don’t complicate things, just think about what’s special to you two.


Think of the details

With a proposal, it’s often the little things that people really hold onto.

Think of small, romantic gestures you could include in the proposal.

It could be a special breakfast in the morning, or a romantic note just before you go out.


Be practical

It’s not pretty and romantic but the practical details are important.

Think about everything your proposal entails and plan accordingly:

  • Are there lots of steps your partner has to walk up? Then make sure they have the right shoes
  • How will you get your partner to the location if it’s a surprise?
  • Who will set up anything special that needs to be at the location?

Consider all of these details ahead of time.


Plan a celebration

You want to celebrate this happy occasion!

Should it be just you two?

Invite your family and friends?

Tailor this to you and your Other Half


Capture the moment

The moment your Other Half says yes is one you’ll remember forever!

Hire a photographer to capture the moment so you can share it with friends and family.

This could be a photographer who’s hiding and unseen, capturing everything quietly from the sidelines.

Or someone who’s more involved and able to get some lovely shots of you two together.


What to say

Be sure to speak from the heart!

What to say when you propose (besides the obvious)


Make the announcement

Think of those who need to know now – your inner circle, parents, siblings and close friends.

Then when you’re ready, start sharing the news more widely.

Make a social media announcement.

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