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7 Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Planner – Wedding of your Dreams

It’s not only the rich who hire a wedding planner! In fact, having a wedding planner on your supplier dream team is one way to take some off the pressure off of yourselves and actually enjoy your wedding and engagement. From handling wedding day details to keeping on top of all the little things you might not be thinking of, wedding planners are literal superheroes.

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So if you’re not sure about hiring a wedding planner for your Big Day, here are 7 reasons we think you should:


1. They’ll save you time

A wedding planner will literally give you the gift of time in the lead-up to your wedding and on the day itself. They will help you to choose the perfect venue and supplier time, allowing you to focus on what really matters: celebrating your engagement.

Wedding planners are experts in the industry, so they know what needs to get done at each stage in the wedding planning journey.


2. They’ll stretch your budget

Want peace of mind that your budget is being used effectively? Then hire a wedding planner! They know just how to maximise on the industry relationships they’ve spent years cultivating. This means they’ll recommend only the best suppliers who can fit into your budget.

Added bonus: they’re more likely to obtain discounts!


3. They’ll avoid costly mistakes

Weddings entail lots of individual elements that need to be paid for, so it’s very important that you get value for money each step of the way. Your wedding planner will be able to negotiate prices for you, while avoiding costly mistakes that would be inevitable if you were going at it alone.


4. They’ll keep things running smoothly

One of the main benefits of having a wedding planner on your team is that things will run like clockwork. They’ll be putting out fires so you don’t have to (not literally, we hope). There will be things on the day that you simply won’t have time to deal with, such as suppliers not arriving on time, last minute changes in the weather, and other unplanned things. Your wedding planner can handle all of this for you, while keeping the festivities moving, so you can focus on being fully present.


5. They’ll introduce you to their supplier contacts

We just love that there are clusters of fabulous wedding suppliers who have worked together over the years! Your wedding planner will put you in touch with the best suppliers in the industry and you’ll know you’re hiring the best because they’ve come recommended.

Instead of spending hours scouring through wedding supplier pages and reviews, ask your wedding planner for their recommendations.


6. They’ll make sure nothing is overlooked

A wedding planner will always be thinking “what if…?” and will have solutions! They can handle all the small details that many people won’t have even considered (such as back ups!).

There is so much to think about when planning a wedding, but thankfully wedding planners will keep on top of these things for you!


7. They’ll bring your wedding plans to life

If you’ve got a specific vision for your day, it can sometimes feel tricky to communicate this to your dream team. Your wedding planner can take this dream, share it with others and make sure it all comes to life.

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