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The Three People You Should Take Wedding Dress Shopping – Wedding of your Dreams

If you’ve ever watched ‘Say yes to the dress’, you’ve probably pictured taking your entire entourage with you when you try on wedding dresses. By watching just one episode you’ll probably also agree that sometimes this can backfire. Experts advise that you keep your group small and that you choose your guests wisely. The last thing you want is to feel unconfident in your dress because somebody said something insensitive. You also don’t want to be confused by conflicting opinions! But, there are some people you should take wedding dress shopping. We’ve made a list of three people to consider…

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The chilled family member

We all have that friend or family member who is likely to say something that will get under our skin. That is not the person to invite! What you really want is someone who is there to help. Someone who will help fasten your buttons, hold your bag and hand you a bottle of water. You want that person who will take photos so you can look at the dresses again afterwards (if you’re allowed to!). Invite that friend or family member who keeps you calm but is able to speak the truth in love. If an honest opinion is what you’re after, let your friend know you want theirs!


A small wedding party

Keep this group small (three to five at most) and find other ways to include the ones who expect to receive an invitation. You could take them to a dress fitting once you’ve already chosen your dress (because let’s be real, if someone tells you they don’t like your dress once you’ve bought it, that’s just poor form!).


The wild card

There are people who you might want to take wedding dress shopping who could be classified as ‘wild cards’. Your brother, your dad, your Other Half, or a close work friend. Don’t feel like you should be limited to taking women only or wedding party only. Consider whose perspective matters to you and who is going to add to the experience!


If all else fails… go solo!

Seriously, sometimes less is more. There’s no reason you can’t go wedding dress shopping alone! You might not want other perspectives or you simply don’t have anybody to go with you. If this is you, here are some ways you can prepare for your wedding dress appointment:

  1. Plan ahead: Get to know your body type and what dress silhouettes make you feel comfortable and confident. Scroll through photos of wedding dresses so you know what styles you like and would like to try on.
  2. Be open-minded: Even though you are planning ahead, be prepared to try on styles that you wouldn’t consider. They will either surprise you or confirm your thoughts it’s not for you.
  3. Start early: Consider how much time you’ll need for alterations and give yourself plenty of time. The more rushed you feel when you walk in, the more stressed you’ll be about finding the perfect dress.

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