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Wedding on a Budget? Here’s a Money Saving Tip! – Wedding of your Dreams

Let’s face it, weddings can be pretty expensive. Most couples say that this is the thing that stresses them out the most about wedding planning. This is probably why a lot of couples plan a wedding on a budget. No matter how big or small your budget is, you can always use a good money saving tip! Today, I’m here to give you mine.

I used to be a wedding planner, and this is the tip I’d give to all the couples I worked with. It’s so genius that I implemented it for my very own wedding.

Here it is: Use one thing for many purposes. Double duty items, if you will. Having items that serve multiple purposes will save you a ton of money.

So, here are a few ways you can do it!



I love this post about double duty centrepieces. The idea is to have centrepieces that don’t just look beautiful. Select centrepieces which serve multiple purposes.

The centrepieces on my wedding tables (pictured below) are simple and beautiful. Their second purpose was wedding favours. Each guest, couple or family was given one tree to take home. There was a label attached to each one, which said: “Watch our love grow”.

Photo credit: Love Made Visible

Cake or dessert

You don’t need both!

Let’s talk about dual purpose wedding cakes. You spend a lot of money on a stunningly beautiful wedding cake and you want your guests to enjoy it too! Instead of spending more money on dessert, why not serve your wedding cake as your dessert? Guests often can’t eat both anyway.



Already spending money on a gorgeous ceremony backdrop? Make it transportable, and use it for your photobooth backdrop too!



Planning on getting married on a very hot day? Keep your guests cool with a super cute handheld fan, which doubles as a wedding program.

Project Wedding


Photobooth and guestbook

If you’ve already got a stunning photobooth backdrop, use it for your guestbook too! Buy a simple book and camera bundle and have your guests snapping away.


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