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Documents You Need For Your HSE Appointment – Wedding of your Dreams

If you are getting married in Ireland, then this is for you! Here at weddingsonline, we love to pair couples with their dream wedding suppliers as well as share inspiration and wedding planning How-tos. Today we’re sharing a list of the documents you’ll need for your HSE appointment when registering intent to marry!

Scroll to the bottom to listen to the podcast interview we did with two brilliant solemnisers, answering all of your questions about getting legally married in Ireland!


How and when do you make your appointment to register your intent to marry?

You can register on the HSE website to set up an appointment. Here’s the link!

Please note that for Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow, you can’t book online. They will only take bookings directly through email or phone.

You should book six to nine months ahead of time (a minimum of three months notice). Your license will last for six months from the date you’re getting married, which is stated on the MRF (Marriage Registration Form). This is helpful in the event of postponement.

You will need to provide the date of your intended ceremony, you will then receive your MRF which is in the green folder. This document is not valid until the date of your wedding ceremony.


Green folder

When you make your appointment with the HSE, both partners have to go into the HSE for the notification appointment. There’s some paperwork and documents that you’ll need (see below) and if everything is in order, they will print out your MRF, pop it into the green folder and then give it to you. Keep it very safe and then hand it over to your solemniser on the wedding day or before. Exception: if an HSE registrar performs your ceremony, they will keep the MRF for you.

It’s important that your celebrant/solemniser sees your MRF before your wedding day to check that all the information is correct.


What do you need when you go to your appointment?

The HSE will email out a checklist:

Passport or drivers license

Proof of address, such as a bank statement, dated within three months of the appointment

Birth certificate, the long version (you can order this online, just make sure it’s in English or translated)

If you don’t speak English, you must bring an interpreter with you at your appointment.


If you’re adopted, can you use your adoption certificate instead of your birth certificate?

Yes, you can. This is accepted.


What information do you need to provide at the appointment?

You will need to provide the following information about your wedding:

  • Your wedding ceremony venue
  • The name of your solemniser (will need to be registered on the list of solemnisers who can perform a legal ceremony)
  • Your two witnesses and their dates of birth (must be over the age of 18)

If any of these details change before the wedding, the MRF can be amended. Anything on the form can be changed, except for the couple, of course!


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