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Five Amazing Wedding Tips From Real Couples – Wedding of your Dreams

Talk to any recently married couples and you’ll find they have the best advice. They’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt! Discovering their excellent advice is on of our favourite parts from the beautiful real weddings we share. 

Today we have five brilliant wedding planning tips from five fabulous recent real couples – time to take notes! 

real couples

“Absolutely do not be worried about the small things, they all work themselves out. Don’t worry about other people, it’s your wedding. Have whatever you want to. Just enjoy your day because it goes so quickly!”

View John and Alecsia’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Ken Byrne Photography 

real couples

“Book everything well in advance, you will be surprised how fast vendors and services book up! Most of all, take in all those special moments and make sure you make time for your new husband/wife on the day to soak it all in.”

View Emily and David’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Lisa Chonier 

real couples

“Take time out together even if it’s 5 minutes or 40 minutes and talk about how amazing it is to be there. Look around, everyone is there for you to wish you well. You don’t marry the person you can live with, you marry the person you can’t live without.”

View Fiona and Joe’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Sean Sharpe Photography 

real couples

“This is your day to celebrate and share with your nearest and dearest. Don’t lose sight of that or get to caught up in the idea of a “perfect” wedding day. Even the most perfect Instagram/Pinterest wedding you might have taken inspiration from, will have had its little hiccups! Every problem has a solution. Control the controllable and after that, you can only control your reactions.
Put time in to researching your vendors and finding what’s best for you. The right vendors will make your day and take away a lot of stress from you.
For all the couples aiming to do a lot of DIY/decor, organisation is key. A unique wedding wedding email address is a life saver, it will help you keep track of all correspondence but also you can create budget trackers, vendor contact lists and planning documents through it so it’s on a shared drive and access can be given to key people in the run up to your big day.”

View Nicola and Brendan’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Peter Bell Photography and Film 


“On your invites, put the time down as an hour earlier if you have the venue at that time. That way you will get everyone there on time. I had the time down for 2 even though the ceremony was at 3 and people were showing up for 5 to 2. Don’t stress about little things like decorations and favours. People don’t really even notice them and half of them are forgotten in your venue after everyone has had a night drinking. Keep note of all of your wedding gifts so you can personally text everyone afterwards rather than the generic thank you message.”

View Stella and Sean’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Bokeh Photography 


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