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How To Include Your Kids In Your Wedding Day – Wedding of your Dreams

Your wedding day will be one of the biggest days of your life, it’s a huge milestone declaring the love you share with your life partner. The day is for celebrating and if you’ve got kids, it’s a huge day for them too! You will celebrate with your family and friends – weddings really are the best! 

To ensure your children have an amazing wedding day experience, here’s lots of ideas to get them involved in the day… 

Choose a special outfit

Most little girls will love a day shopping for their perfect outfit, it’s just as special as yours! Involve them in the process and have fun making sure they are happy with their outfits, and are comfortable in what you choose. 

Ask them to carry the rings 

There’s nothing cuter than a little ring bearer! Just remember to have someone keep an eye on them, you don’t want any mishaps when it comes to giving over the rings. 

Include them in little DIY projects 

If you’ve chosen to create some decor bits and pieces, why not include your kids in the process. They love to be creative and cut, colour and make things. Even if they are simple little jobs, we bet they’ll love being included. 

Add them to your cake topper 

Are you having a cute cake topper? Don’t forget to include them, as well as any precious pets. A family cake topper will be a great representation of your family and your kids will adore tiny versions of themselves on top of the cake! 

Include them in your vows

Your vows are a very personal part of your wedding day when you declare your love and commitment to your partner – why not add your children to them? Promise to be a great mum or dad and get ready for lots of smiles! 

Invite them to speak

Just like cute ring bearers, little kids speaking at weddings is adorable. Why not ask if they’d like to say anything during the speeches, a beautiful poem or simply a few special words will make them feel included and make you so proud. 

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