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Wedding Website Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of – Wedding of your Dreams

Your wedding website is the perfect space to keep guests informed and to share key information about your Big Day. There are the obvious things to include (date, time and location) but there are a few items that you may not have thought of yet. Today we are listing wedding website ideas for you to keep in mind when putting your details together. You’ll be able to answer all the questions your guests have (and the ones they haven’t even thought to ask yet).

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Your story

Guests don’t just visit your website for the key info (although that’s important too). They also want to know about you! So take time to share your love story.

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Ceremony start and arrival time

It’s quite standard to include the ceremony start time on your wedding website (and on your invitations too, of course) but we highly recommend including the arrival time. For example, if your ceremony begins at 3pm, you could ask guests to arrive from 2:30pm. This will help avoid confusion and guests walking in at 3pm on the dot (or after).


Reception location and travel information

If your ceremony and reception venues are at different locations, guests will want to know how to get to the reception venue. Everybody has access to Google Maps, but it’s always helpful to spell it out for them. Give guests the address, arrival time, and information about public transport and parking.


Gifts, even if you don’t have a gifts list

Don’t feel like you’re being “present grabby” by asking for gifts or money. In fact, you’ll make your guests’ lives easier because they’ll know what to get you. Your nearest and dearest will want to get you a gift, so a list or wedding fund details will really help them out.

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The dress code

Choosing what to wear to a wedding can cause anxiety amongst the best of us. Make it easy for your guests by telling them what the dress code is. You don’t have to tell them exactly what to wear, but if there’s a theme or any specific guidelines, they’ll want to know. For example, if you’ll be outdoors for most of the day, let guests know they’ll need appropriate shoes and a warm jacket.

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Your childcare plan

Guests with children will want to know if the little ones are invited. If they are, it’s helpful to let your friends and family know if you’re providing childcare or entertainment.

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Weather check

Speaking of the weather, you can prepare for almost anything! Let guests know that they should pack sunscreen or bring along an umbrella.

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Any guests who require ramps and wheelchair accessibility will value this information ahead of time so they can prepare. Make sure guests know that there are accessible bathrooms and share hearing loop information from the venue. For neurodivergent guests, share details about the measures you will put in place.

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FAQ stands for ‘frequently asked questions’ and they give you a space to share questions that pop up often.

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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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