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How to Protect the Bottom of Your Wedding Dress – Wedding of your Dreams

Tying the knot outdoors? Don’t be surprised if things get muddy. You can, however, protect the bottom of your wedding dress from getting dirty and being ruined. Just take a look at our tips and you’ll have peace of mind on your Big Day without worrying about your dress!

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An underskirt or slip

This is one way to prevent stains from wet grass or dirt. An underskirt or slip is worn under your wedding dress to lift the hem off the ground. It’s great for moving around to different photo locations, keeping your dress in good condition!


A sheet

For those who didn’t plan ahead, don’t worry! A simple sheet is a great alternative. Just wrap the sheet around the bottom of the dress while walking around. For particularly muddy areas, you could even stand on the sheet and have your photographer choose their angles strategically.


A bustle

Ask your seamstress to secure a bustle to help with dancing and dirty floors. A bustle should lift your dress high enough off the ground that dirt shouldn’t be a problem.

Tip: bring along safety pins in case you need extra support.


Get help

Make this a team effort by getting your wedding party to help lift your dress or train when walking outside.


Take off your shoes

If you’ve got tulle or another delicate fabric under your dress, then don’t forget to take your shoes off before putting your dress on or taking it off. No more accidental heel-related casualties.

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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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