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Here’s Why Guests Are RSVPing ‘No’ To Your Wedding – Wedding of your Dreams

Creating and sending out your wedding invitations has got to be one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning! It’s so exciting that you may be anxiously waiting for your RSVPs to come back. If you’ve begun reading through RSVPs and spotting that quite a few guests are unable to make it, then this post is for you. There are a few common reasons why guests are RSVPing ‘no’ to your wedding. Today we’ll cover each one, so you’ll understand what’s going on with your guest list.

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Your wedding is out of town

It’s completely understandable that you’ve always dreamt of a beautiful destination wedding on a beach far away. If that’s you, please know that when guests are RSVPing “no”, you shouldn’t take it personally. Travel and accommodation can be expensive and many people won’t have extra annual leave they can take. These reasons are also true if you’re hosting a local wedding but you’ve got lots of guests who live out of town.


They already have other plans

If you’ve taken too long to get your Save The Dates out, don’t be surprised if guests sadly can’t come. They may have already committed to another wedding, event or holiday. This is particularly true if you’re getting married over a Bank Holiday weekend or a popular wedding date on a Summer Saturday. There are lots of advantages to tying the knot on a popular date, but don’t forget to send out your Save The Dates with lots of extra time to spare. This gives your guests more time to say “yes” to your wedding before committing to something else.


Weddings are expensive

Now I know what you’re thinking… you’re paying for the meal, the entertainment, wedding favours, and all the frills and whistles, so what do guests have to complain about? Just remember that it costs a lot for guests to buy gifts, new outfits, travel, accommodation, childcare, and so on. If some of your guests are going through a tough time financially, RSVPing “no” to your wedding might be the best choice for them.


You haven’t given them a plus one

You won’t be able to give all your solo guests a plus one, so we recommend reserving these for guests in the wedding party, close family and those in long-term relationships. Don’t give them out to everyone, but do consider guests who don’t know many others, because attending a wedding alone can feel a little awkward.


It’s a kid-free wedding

There are plenty of reasons to have an adults-only wedding and most guests will completely understand. While it’s completely acceptable, it may still be difficult for some guests to arrange childcare. It can be pricy and some parents won’t feel comfortable leaving their children with a babysitter overnight.

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You didn’t state your RSVP date

Wondering why eager guests are RSVPing “no” or not at all? You may not have listed your RSVP date clearly or at all. If you don’t ask guests to RSVP, they may not do it at all. Give them clear instructions on how to RSVP and when to do it.

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