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Newsletter #3: Eufy security troubles, Where is Clippy now?, and a Radicle new code infrastructure


Physicists Create a Holographic Wormhole Using a Quantum Computer
The unprecedented experiment explores the possibility that space-time somehow emerges from quantum information, even as the work’s interpretation remains disputed.

Twitter just banned prominent journalists who cover Elon Musk with no warning
On Thursday evening, Twitter suspended a number of prominent journalists on the platform without warning or explanation.

Low-cost battery built with four times the capacity of lithium
Researchers are hoping that a new, low-cost battery which holds four times the energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries and is far cheaper to produce will significantly reduce the cost of transitioning to a decarbonised economy.

Eufy’s security cameras send data to the cloud without consent, and that’s not the worst part
Eufy camera users also learned that their camera streams can be accessed remotely using VLC without encryption or authentication.


Making the Mac: 20 Vintage Apple Ads
Print has been acquired by an independent group of collaborators—Deb Aldrich, Laura Des Enfants, Jessica Deseo, Andrew Gibbs, Steven Heller and Debbie Millman—and soon enough, we’ll be back in full…

6 Ways to Delete Yourself From the Internet
You’ll never be able to get a clean slate—but you can significantly downsize your digital footprint.

How Harmful Is Social Media?
There’s a general sense that it’s bad for society—which may be right. But studies offer surprisingly few easy answers.

When to use gRPC vs GraphQL
We dig into two of the most popular API protocols to see where they work best.

Continuous delivery, meet continuous security
Dynamic application security testing (DAST) can help catch security flaws in your code. And it can do it automatically in your build process.

Everything I wish I knew when learning C

The Twisted Life of Clippy
In the ’90s, Microsoft created a cartoon paperclip that it quickly retired. Its developers never imagined the virtual assistant would become a cultural icon.


GitHub – testjavascript/nodejs-integration-tests-best-practices: ✅ Beyond the basics of Node.js testing. Including a super-comprehensive best practices list and an example app (April 2022)
✅ Beyond the basics of Node.js testing. Including a super-comprehensive best practices list and an example app (April 2022) – GitHub – testjavascript/nodejs-integration-tests-best-practices: ✅ Be…

Welcome to Comprehensive Rust 🦀 – Comprehensive Rust 🦀

Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux
Find and install hundreds of apps and games for Linux. Enjoy GIMP, GNU Octave, Spotify, Steam and many more!

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