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Why You Need A Wedding Budget! – Wedding of your Dreams

When you begin your wedding planning journey, and you’re still in a crazy excited bubble of just getting engaged, it can be all too easy to get carried away, dreaming of your Big Day – we’ve been there! What you need is a wedding budget! 

As unromantic as it might seem, setting a budget is a very wise action. Having a budget is one of the most important parts of wedding planning – here’s why… 

Start as you mean to go on…

Before you get carried away with all the details it’s a good idea to have a budget in mind. Having an honest conversation about numbers is so important to begin your planning on the right foot. 

How to work out your budget

Here are five tips to help you set your budget:

1. Get talking – If you are funding your day yourself, sit down as a couple and go through what you can afford to spend and also what you want to spend. If family would like to contribute, run over figures with them – this isn’t always an easy subject, but it’s essential to know what or how much people are happy to invest. 

2. Start your research – You’re in the right place to begin your wedding planning research. From discovering amazing suppliers to as much wedding inspiration as you can muster, WeddingsOnline has it all covered.

3. List your priorities – Decide what elements of the day mean the most to you. For some couples it will be the dream wedding venue, for others it might be breathtaking florals. Know what areas you are happy to spend more on and work from there. 

4. Be honest and realistic – A budget should be just that, a budget. Once you make it and are happy with your numbers and choices, do your best to stick to it! Remember why you are getting married, and what is most important to you. 

5. Have a contingency – It’s a good idea to have a little contingency plan, 10% of your overall budget is a realistic option – but do remember the magic budget number and do your best to keep within it. 

The next step…

With your budget sorted, it’s planning time! Welcome to the most exciting experience of your life…

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