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‘We did not back down’ – Harry Dunn’s mother after US citizen Anne Sacoolas given suspended sentence for fatal crash – Market Subset News

US citizen Anne Sacoolas responsible for the death of British teenager Harry Dunn in a road crash was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for a year, at the Old Bailey court in London on Thursday.

Footage shows the family of a 19-year-old motorcyclist arriving at Old Bailey and giving statements outside the court building.

Sacoolas who killed Dunn attended the hearing through video link from the USA, with US authorities refusing extradition and intervening multiple times to ensure she could remain in the US and outside of the jurisdiction of UK courts. The case caused a row between the UK and US governments.

The family of Harry Dunn have accused the US of interfering in the UK criminal justice system.

“If they want a war, they’ve got a war, and we are not going to let British citizens suffer at their hands any more,” said Radd Seiger, a representative of the Dunn family.

“We had an option at the beginning of all of this to take things lying down and to have Harry’s life swept aside, or we stand up and fight and you face a hurdle that we have had to jump over every day for the last three years and three months. We were not cowards, we did not back away from the US government, or the UK government. We did not back down because we have values,” told Charlotte Charles, Harry Dunn’s mother.

Sacoolas crashed into Harry Dunn by careless driving and killed him in West Northamptonshire in 2019 but was initially granted diplomatic immunity.

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