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Ever since we launched GitHub Copilot, it’s helped redefine productivity for more than a million developers. We’ve seen incredible reports where GitHub Copilot synthesizes up to 40% of code—and, in research, we’ve found that GitHub Copilot helps people code 55% faster.

But beyond this excitement, we also heard that companies want an easy way to purchase GitHub Copilot for their teams. That’s why we’re excited to bring GitHub Copilot to organizations with simple and flexible license management, organization-wide policy controls, and industry-leading privacy—all for $19 USD/month per user.

GitHub Copilot for Business gives organizations:

  • The power of AI. Millions of developers have already used GitHub Copilot to build software faster, stay in the flow longer, and solve problems in new ways—all right from their editor of choice.
  • Simple license management. Administrators can enable GitHub Copilot for their teams and select which organizations, teams, and developers receive licenses.
  • Organization-wide policy management. You can easily set policy controls to enforce user settings for public code matching on behalf of your organization.
  • Your code is safe with us. With Copilot for Business, we won’t retain code snippets, store or share your code regardless if the data is from public repositories, private repositories, non-GitHub repositories, or local files.

Building a better developer experience

We know developers do their best work when they actually enjoy the work they’re doing—and magic happens when they can fall into the flow state. To paraphrase an oft-recited quote, the last few years have proven that software has eaten the world. Software punctuates every part of our days, and developers are being asked to build, secure, and maintain more code than ever before.

At GitHub, we believe that just like the rise of compilers and open source, AI-assisted coding will revolutionize how we build software. And by bringing GitHub Copilot to organizations of all sizes with improved admin controls, we’re confident in the power of AI to improve the developer experience, increase productivity and satisfaction, and accelerate innovation.

Developers are already using GitHub Copilot to:

  • Build faster. Developers today are expected to build, secure, and maintain software at unprecedented scale—and, do it as fast as possible. That’s where GitHub Copilot comes in. Shawn Wang, Head of Developer Experience at Airbyte, says he gets work done 2X faster with GitHub Copilot and “can’t live without Copilot now—every other coding experience is now broken without it.” Research backs this up, too. Developers using GitHub Copilot build 55% faster.
  • Focus longer. A big reason we built GitHub Copilot is to make it easier to focus on coding by removing the need to search the internet for answers or look through documentation. We’re already seeing this in action, too. “I’m impressed by how GitHub Copilot seems to know exactly what I want to type next,” says Feross Aboukhadijeh, the founder of Socket. “Sometimes it even suggests code I was about to look up.”
  • Solve problems in new ways. One of the biggest friction points when writing code is looking for new ways to solve problems. By offering a number of suggestions during your workflow, GitHub Copilot makes it easy to cycle through different potential solutions and test to see which one works best—or gives you a new idea. Mike Krieger, one of the co-founders of Instagram, was quick to note this when he started using GitHub Copilot: “Within the first day, Copilot already taught me about a nuance in Javascript object comparison, and is as comfortable with our database schema as I am.”
  • Speed up testing. Everyone knows testing your code is important, but not everyone spends the time writing the tests they need to make their code better. With GitHub Copilot, any developer can get basic unit tests and more complex integration tests as simple suggestions.

Start using Copilot for Business today

Millions of engineers, including our own, use GitHub Copilot every day. And starting today, GitHub Copilot is available to all businesses for $19 USD per month per user. You can learn how to enable it for your organization today in the link below—and if you have any questions, contact your local sales representative.

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