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‘High-tech, revolutionary… and no drivers!’ – International football fans react to metro experience in Doha – Market Subset News

International football fans appeared impressed with the newly built subway system and stations in operation in Doha on Friday.

“The trains are high-tech, very revolutionary, and there are no drivers,” said Shez Sheikh. “But they are very comfortable, they are very quick, they are very convenient in the way that has been set up.”

Footage shows the underground walkways and halls as fans wearing national jerseys or carrying flags made their way to the platforms.

The system, using Japanese-manufactured cars, was completed in 2019, and with the World Cup in mind, to help supporters travel around the city.

“They look really good, they are very modern, they got good lighting, they got plenty of information, helping many people all the time,” said another football supporter, Jorge Abrantes.

The trains have a top speed of 100 km/h and are free for those with officials supporter IDs.

More than 200 billion dollars was spent on stadiums, the metro and other infrastructure used in and after the World Cup.

Organisers were widely criticised by European governments and media over the alleged mistreatment and deaths of migrant workers, with some human rights organisations condemning the tournament.

Qatari authorities claimed they introduced labour protections and other reforms. In October Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani that the situation had been dealt with in ‘good faith’ but accused ongoing criticism of ‘slander and double standards’.

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