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Ee-aw! Donkey beauty pageant at Lamu sanctuary highlights vital role of animals in local community – Market Subset News

A beauty pageant for donkeys took place in Lamu, Kenya on Monday, with animals paraded in their finery at the local beach and along the waterfront.

“I have won this trophy, this grooming brush, prize money and this humane harness,” said a delighted Khalid Ahmed, whose donkey took first prize.

“I love my donkey because she helps me reach any place that I want to go. … I don’t make her labour. I keep her clean and feed her well so that whenever I need to travel she helps me get there smoothly,” he continued.

Footage shows the finalists dressed in colourful costumes, with flowers, garlands and robes, as well as the winning animal with its rosette.

Florence Makau from the facility explained how the local community relies on their animals, due to the narrow streets, with donkeys required to transport building materials, market produce and sick people to the hospital.

“Our work here is to advocate for the welfare of the donkeys so that we get the community to understand that the donkeys need good care for them to be able to work better for them. And that improves their livelihood in the end,” she concluded.

The contest is the only one of its kind in the country and is back after two years hiatus during the pandemic.

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