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Spain: Investigations ongoing after suspected letter bomb blast at Ukrainian embassy in Madrid

Police investigators continued their inquiries at the scene of an explosion at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid on Wednesday.

Footage shows a team in hi-viz police jackets on the premises at Ronda Abubilla, Piovera, with officers and vehicles forming a blockade across the road.

Media outlets quoted a police source claiming one employee at the embassy had been ‘lightly’ injured by a suspected letter bomb blast. Kiev’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko confirmed that an incident had occurred.

“The embassy of Ukraine in Spain received an envelope. During the inspection, the envelope exploded in the hands of the commandant,” he stated.

Reports suggested the unnamed staff member had been taken to Nuestra Señora de America Hospital, although Nikolenko stated that “the commandant suffered minor injuries and is not hospitalised, receiving the necessary medical attention. There is no threat to his life.”

Police reportedly activated the anti-terrorist protocol, although the motive behind the suspected attack has not yet been confirmed.

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