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Uruguay: Thousands of fans gather in Montevideo to watch World Cup match against Portugal

Thousands of Uruguayan fans gathered in Montevideo to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 match against Portugal, on Monday.

Footage features crowds of fans wearing jerseys, holding national flags and cheering during the event.

The match ended up with Portugal’s 2-0 victory with goals scored by Bruno Fernandes.

“We played badly, I think we started weakly, then with the changes, we could tie, but let’s say badly with the sticks, the same did not happen against Korea and we hope that in the last game we can get the three points although it does not depend on us,” one of the fans said.

Another respondent, however, mentioned that she ‘as a good Uruguayan who always has faith until the end’ believes that ‘suffering as always, we will be able to take advantage.’

Uruguay will next play against Ghana national team.

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