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English, Welsh fans enjoy beer in Doha pub ahead of their national teams’ World Cup clash – Market Subset News

Dozens of English and Welsh fans were seen drinking beer in Doha’s Red Lion British pub, on Tuesday, ahead of their national teams’ clash for the last matchday of the 2022 World Cup group stage.

The fans were seen chanting and signing, while dressed in their countries’ national teams’ jerseys.

“Tonight there’s gonna be a huge match for England. We are desperate to beat Wales, we want to be the kings of the UK. I guarantee there is absolutely no chance they are gonna beat us by the number of goals they need to knock us out. I’m looking forward to the Round of 16,” said Charles, an English supporter.

“Clearly tonight is an important game, you know we have to qualify. We have expectations that we have progressed from the previous campaigns. I do think that from English perspective we should win the game and win the group, but ultimately our expectations are well beyond tonight’s game,” said Adam, another English supporter.

On the other hand, Welsh supporters stated that a win against England will be a big deal for them.

“It’s a matter of national pride to win today. If we win today I’m sure the Welsh government will give us a bank holiday tomorrow, a day-off from work,” said Welsh supporter, Steve.

England has a dominant 3-0 victory over Wales, clinching the top spot in Group B.

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