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Cameroon: Rescuers at scene after landslide hits funeral ceremony in Yaounde leaving 15 dead

Post-accident damage control has been conducted after a landslide hit the funeral ceremony in Yaounde killing 15 on Sunday.

Footage filmed on Monday features the aftermath of the deadly accident as well as rescuers and red cross staff working at the scene.

The landslide took place on Sunday when people gathered on a football pitchfor a funeral ceremony at the base of a 20-metre-high soil embankment.

“The problem is dry season, how can a piece of land like that survive the dry season? Why wait until it collapses? The solution is simple: a supporting wall should have been built to support the land. If we let children play there, that’s not good because one day it will collapse so we have to support that land by building a supporting wall,” one of the residents said.

According to Naseri Paul Bea, the governor of the Centre region in Cameroon, the death toll now stands at 15.

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