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USA: Washington supports Chinese people’s right to ‘assemble and to peacefully protest’

Washington supports the Chinese people’s right to ‘assemble and to peacefully protest’, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said during a press briefing at the White House in Washington on Monday.

“Our message to all peaceful protesters around the world is the same and consistent: people should be allowed … the right to assemble and to peacefully protest policies or laws or dictates … that they take issue with,” John Kirby said.

“Nothing’s changed about the president’s firm belief in the power of democracy and democratic institutions and how important that is. But this is really a moment to put it back into your words, this is a moment for the Chinese people and the Chinese government to speak to. We have nothing but clear and consistent and I think you’ll see that going forward,” he added.

On the war in Ukraine and its affect on the global economy, Kirby said that the war has a “very acute, significant global impact on the economy,” however, according to him, the global economy has been also facing many other impacts.

“That is why we are trying to go after the price cap on Russian oil, and that is why we are trying to give Ukraine the tools and capabilities they need to succeed on a battlefield so this war can end in a way, in which Ukraine can be whole and sovereignty and free,” he explained.

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