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Mexico: Tens of thousands march through Mexico City to support Pres Lopez Obrador

Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through Mexico’s capital city on Sunday to show support for president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) on Sunday.

Footage features Obrador arriving at the monument, Angel of Independence, while supporters could be seen chanting, waving flags as well as holding placards and banners reading ‘True march through Mexico’, ‘I don’t want them back’, ‘God bless you AMLO’ among others.

“Why do we have to support Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador? Because in my opinion, he is one of the best presidents of the last 50 years,” one of the respondents said.

Mexico’s opposition reportedly blame Lopez Obrador for maintaining his popularity using state resources, including welfare programmes, while the president has denied those accusations.

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