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Italy: Search and rescue ops ongoing after deadly landslide of mud and debris hits Ischia Island

Search and rescue crews with heavy equipment, as well as volunteers, were seen working on Ischia on Monday, two days after a storm triggered a deadly landslide on the island.

The torrents of mud, water and rubble hit the winter tourist resort and coastal town of Casamicciola Terme early on Saturday morning.

Footage shows machinery used to dig through the debris, with huge amounts of mud piled in the streets. Around 200 emergency workers were reportedly on the ground in the aftermath of the disaster, with hundreds of locals helping with the clean-up.

Local authorities said on Sunday that seven people had been killed and five remain missing, while media outlets reported that 13 had been injured. The country declared a state of emergency, with the central government releasing a 2 million-euro emergency fund.

The area had received 126 mm (around five inches) of rain in just six hours, which officials claim is a 20-year record.

Some planning experts have also blamed the density of buildings and lack of planning regulations in the town for exacerbating the disaster. It was also hit by an earthquake in 2017, killing two people.

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