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Germany: Hundreds rally in Saxony against climate policy, high energy prices and arms deliveries to Ukraine

Hundreds took to the streets in Chemnitz, Saxony on Monday to protest the government’s climate policy, high energy prices, inflation and involvement in arming Ukraine.

Footage shows protesters holding banners of the Alternative for Germany right-wing political party alongside signs reading “freedom” and “we are the resistance.”

“In any case, it is of course about peace, especially in Europe but it is also about the high energy costs, we finally want lower energy costs that we as a population do not have to suffer from that. With that comes the root cause of all of this, a corrupt and incompetent government, so we want politicians to be held accountable for their decisions,” Markus Vogts, a Protester from Dresden said.

In recent months, the surge in energy prices, inflation and the involvement of the German government in sending arms to war areas, have pushed some citizens to rally across the country.

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